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Complete Transport Solutions

Damar combines passion with years of experience in the transport and forwarding industry.
Our relentless pursuit of innovation and service refinement is aimed at not just meeting but surpassing our clients’ expectations, delivering industry-leading solutions.

With our team, you gain access to flexible, reliable, and punctual transport services. We prioritize nurturing strong partnerships and fostering trust with new clients, ensuring our continual growth and customer satisfaction.

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We provide comprehensive transportation services, including full truckload (FTL), less than truckload (LTL), and parcel shipments. We are committed to continuously improving our procedures’ efficiency and minimizing our environmental impact in our daily operations.

Through our dedication and attention to detail, we ensure professional handling of both individual shipments and regular deliveries. Our commitment to quality and meticulousness guarantees the safe and timely delivery of your cargo.

Our fleet of vehicles is always ready to transport goods of various types and sizes. Therefore, regardless of the nature of your business, we can deliver your products safely and with due care.

Damar Transport Mercedes Transport


  • EURO 6
  • GPS 24/7
  • Systemy ECO
  • Fleet's age: 2 years
  • MEGA / GIGA Space
  • CO² monitoring


  • 13,6 m length
  • MEGA 3m trailers
  • Multilock
  • CodeXL VDI 2700
  • Coilmulde
  • ADR


Coilmulde trailers are the ideal solution for companies transporting steel products such as coils, sheets, or rods. Thanks to the trailer’s special design, we can securely protect the products and ensure their safety during transport.

For food transportation, tankers are equipped with special tanks that allow the transportation of food products at controlled temperatures. We ensure that the products reach their destination in the highest quality and freshness.

If you require fast delivery, we offer express delivery services. With our logistics network, we can deliver your shipments at express speed throughout Europe.


Robust trailers with 22 lashing straps, 40 plastic corners and 5 lashing chains as standard


Certified transportation of food products with temperature control


Express transport with a loading volume for up to 10 Euro pallets or 30 m³

Trusted us

Thanks to comprehensive solutions in transport and logistics, competitive prices, and high-quality services, we have been appreciated by clients in the steel and construction, beverage, and automotive industries. They have trusted us:



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